Sant'Angelo Scalo - Montalcino (Siena) - Italy
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The Palmoletino farm is a small company located in the Municipality of Cinigiano, on the border with the Municipalities of Castel del Piano and Montalcino. The total area is 8 hectares of which 2 are planted with vineyards.

Part of the company is a beautiful plot of olive trees with over 200 trees, a mix of local varieties including Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo.

The typically Mediterranean climate is particularly favorable to viticulture and the gentle breeze of this area is a very important factor for the health and gradual maintenance of grapes. The soil is of medium texture with the presence of skeleton.
The predominant grape is Sangiovese, characteristic of the area, with a small percentage of Cabernet and Sauvignon.
The careful management of the vineyard, possible due to the small extension of the surface, allows for a limited but high quality production which best expresses the characteristics of the terroir and of the cultivated varieties.

Montalcino red wine Montecucco Extra virgin olive oil

Company philosophy

Our way of operating has always been focused on wanting to enhance the area where we live and the native vines of Tuscany, respecting the environment and traditions.
For this reason, in the cultivation of the vine we use techniques with low environmental impact, we try to minimize the use of pesticides by intervening only when there are valid reasons for the development of harmful diseases.
This is done with careful observation of meteorological factors and with the use of special traps for catching insects which could cause harmful infestations.
The careful management of the vineyard and the use of organic amendments only allow to obtain a limited but high quality production that best expresses the characteristics of the terroir and of the cultivated varieties: Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Training system

A short pruning system called spurred cordon is adopted in the vineyard.
This system facilitates the containment of yields to around 50/70 quintals, which is necessary for obtaining quality grapes.


The Palmoletino company produces excellent Montecucco wine, extra virgin olive oil and jams with fruit from our orchard at "Km. 0".