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"FONDO DI PIO" Montecucco Sangiovese D.O.C.G. Riserva

Production area

The Montecuccco Sangiovese "Fondo di Pio" was born in a vineyard plot in the Municipality of Cinigiano close to the area bordering the Orcia river at about mt. 150 above sea level The vineyard covers approximately 2 hectares and a third of this was planted before 1960, while two thirds have been planted for 20 years. It is in this oldest part of the vineyard that the grapes that will give life to the “Fondo di Pio” are picked. The name comes from a small handkerchief of land that is part of the property so called since ancient times and found on an old map of the area. The limited quantity of grapes per vine, both for the poor origin of the land and for the company philosophy, ensures that the product obtained is of a superlative level. It is our Top wine, that is, a small niche intended for great connoisseurs, a wine for … meditation.


Sangiovese is harvested in late September and early October. Given the modest quantity of bottles produced, we try to get a result optimal by selecting only grapes that have reached the right ripeness and are perfectly healthy. Fermentation lasts from 2 to 3 weeks without adding yeasts. As soon as the malolactic fermentation is finished, the passage in oak barrels is prepared.

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Sangiovese begins its aging in wood in medium-sized barrels (Tonneaux) and continues for 24 months after which it it is bottled and stored for 6 months in glass before being put on the market.

Organoleptic characteristics

Brilliant ruby red color with garnet reflections, nuanced scent of spices, soft and slightly vanilla taste, right proportion between tannin and softness. Wine with good body and structure, warm, savory and persistent. It is recommended to serve it at a temperature of about 18 ° in large glasses. Ideal combination with great dishes based on red meats, game, roasts, scottiglie.

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The Palmoletino company produces excellent Montecucco wine, extra virgin olive oil and jams with fruit from our orchard at "Km. 0".